Welcome to United Voters of New Mexico

“We want every qualified voter to vote, and every vote to be counted.”

United Voters of New Mexico provides a forum for information sharing, citizen action, and educational opportunities to improve the accuracy, accountability and transparency of our election process. We are comprised of a broad coalition of citizens who are concerned about voting integrity issues in New Mexico and across the country.

New Mexico has come far since 2004

  • We have established uniform, state-wide voting systems based on paper ballots tallied on optical scan tabulators.
  • We have established a post-election audit that ensures, with at least ninety percent probability, that faulty tabulators would be detected if they would change the outcome of the election for each federal office, for the office of governor, and for one other statewide office.
  • United  Voters of New Mexico continue to coordinate with state election officials on reforms that will improve the accuracy, accountability and transparency of our election process.

What you can do:

  • Give us your ideas on needed reforms
  • Join the United Voters of New Mexico mailing list
  • Volunteer to be a poll worker, watcher, or observer
  •  Ask the Secretary of State and your county clerk to implement needed reforms
  • Thank your legislators if they support election reform, encourage those that have to continue their support, and encourage those that have not to get involved.
  • Each spring, attend House Voters and Elections Committee meetings and Senate Rules Committee meetings to support election reform. Agendas can be found on the New Mexico State Legislature web site